Castor Oil

9:44 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So let's talk about this thing called Castor Oil!!! I've been natural for 2 years and I am STILL trying to learn about all these products, what my hair needs, wants, desires, hates....blah blah blah. Well this past week I was having a text convo with one of my best friends Joi. Joi is very analytical, detail-oriented and knows a lot more than I do about all kinds of stuff as it pertains to our hair. We were texting the other day and she's talking about dew points, castor oil, frizz, humectant...and all I could think was Wa wa wa wa wa.(In the voice of Charlie Brown's Teacher), not because she was giving off bad info, but because I had NO IDEA what she was talking about...but I figured if I let her keep talking I would eventually be able to catch on, or I could go look things up for myself. So saturday that's exactly what I did. For the longest time I thought Castor Oil was going to be too heavy for my hair, but clearly I was wrong, because my hair has turned out quite nicely using Castor Oil this weekend.
I have decided to try using castor oil until my bottle runs out to see the difference in my hair, but I also decided to educated myself...and since you are reading this, I felt as though I should help you as well.
Below you will find a video from one of my favorite bloggers...she is a little bit extra in her videos as I am, and uses the words "Home Skillet" ALOT...but she's a cutie and knows alot too. Enjoy.