Things 2 Consider When Going Natural

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So this morning I received my daily email from and one of the topics were:
Things to Consider when going natural. I've been natural for 2 years now and every time I encounter a natural 
lady I learn that there are sooo many things they/I don't know or haven't even considered. I also learn that
there are THOUSANDS of youtubers and bloggers and if we don't do trial and error we may be doing whats right for their hair, but wrong for ours. So today I want to tell you somethings that I learned and things, I talk to women about when I see them on the street, at work, in the grocery store, in the restroom 
(at the mirrors of course) etc.

1. Water is not the enemy - Contrary to what we were taught and endured when we were wore relaxers, 
Water is your best friend when you Transition to Natural.

2. Once you go natural you STILL need to care for your hair - You can't just cut off all of your hair and think its going to look like that lady from "Girlfriends" just because you cut it all off. 
Tracey Ellis Ross

If you never care for your hair it will look like this.
3. You still have to use a Satin Pillow Case or a Silk Scarf at night - Sleeping on a cotton pillow case causes all of the moisture in your hair to be absorbed while you sleep. And with being natural or relaxed the goal is to retain the moisture. So if your husband hates your bed scarf get a satin pillowcase...he won't mind.

4. It DOES matter what products you use on your hair - When I went natural I thought I could pretty much us anything and that my hair would be flawless. I thought I could use what the Bi-Racial girls used or that I could watch ONE youtube video and used what she used for my hair to turn out like hers...
I had to try out all types of different products to really get my hair to look how I wanted it to.
Not to mention I had to change products as my hair grew, because what worked for my TWA is no longer working for hair that is to my shoulders. 

5. You must do the research on your hair YOURSELF - You can't rely on the first youtuber, blogger or even your hair stylist. You have to do some research as well. I had no clue what to do, but my roommate watched a ton of videos. We took a number of things from them, some worked for me and some didn't. 
I'll never forget trying to detangle my hair while it was dry..
OUCH does not describe what I felt.

6. You DO have to comb your hair - I know ALOT of people that wash their natural hair and they never, comb, brush or even finger comb their hair. Now this is only suggested while in the shower or when your hair is wet, but you must comb your hair or the hair that you shed daily will cause kinks, knots and make detangling like plowing corn.

7. You may not that parts of your hair is different from the rest - THIS freaked me out, because I didn't know. My Front curls are very lose, the sides of in regular curls, the back is EXTREMELY curly and the crown of my head is like....
I remember a few months after going natural and I thought I was going BALD!!
All the rest of my hair was curly and it felt like that party was sticking straight up in the air and that you could seen me balding. I was SOOO embarrassed that I didn't tell anyone nor did I ask for help. 
After my first twist out I realized that I needed help...then I consulted some folks and they let me know...

8. When transitioning to natural you must know that you must care for your scalp - You are doing something to your scalp that you have NEVER done. Your scalp is pretty much addicted to the relaxer because you have been doing it every 6 - 8 weeks your entire life and now you have gone cold turkey!!!
My scalp was PISSED. I could barely touch my scalp at times, even after I cut it all felt like my scalp was going through you must consult a professional. You can watch You Tube videos and try their methods but if that doesn't wise counsel.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this... i am just starting my natural journey and watching your posts over the past few years has really given me encouragement

  2. AWWWWWWWWW YAY!!! Post questions and I'll blog about them