New Avon Order

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CLEARLY this has nothing to do with going natural, but I told you all before that due to my
"Stepping out of the box" and going natural that I would be trying lots of new things this year. 
So with that I have been looking for different kinds of makeup. 
I don't like foundation but I'm a big fan of Eye Shadow and things of the sort..
I went hunting at Target and Walmart for inexpensive pallets....but my quest came up short. 
So, my co-worker has lots of Avon Booklets around the office and I decided to take look through her book.

All of the same things I liked at Walmart and Target were ALOT less expensive but still in high quality!!!
Check it out:
1 - Palette with 4 Colors
3 - New Eye Liners: Black, Gold, Emerald Green
2 - Lip Glosses
2 - Nail Polish
1- Eye Liner Brush
1 - Copper Eye Shadow (something is supposed to be fancy about this one.)

Here are the looks I am going for:
The Green Eyeliner
Gold Eyeliner
Purple/Gold Palette

I felt like a kid in a Candy Store when my order came in.....
Guess how much I paid for everything???

If you guess right you will receive ONE Black Crackled Polish FREE!!!

Post your submissions in the comment section. Winner will be announced Wednesday 1/11/12 by 5pm.
At that time I will also, tell you how you can get these products as well.

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