Getting Organized

2:58 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Sooooo I've been dating a great guy for about a year and clearly one day we'll get married just not TODAY. 
Well we sat down one day and discussed "Expectations" and one of the MAJOR things he said was that
I need to get organized. I wasn't surprised because I knew I operated in Orderly Chaos, but I always 
prayed for a man that was neater than I was so that it would cause me to draw nearer to that end of things.
So right after that conversations I got two of those wheelable organizer drawers. 
For all of my hair products, but CLEARLY they are still not fitting. 
Then once the winter came I realized that I needed something to organize all of my winter scarfs,
its about 20 of them.
I started by hanging them all on my bedroom door, but realized THAT is not organization so I went to Target.
I was going to try to get to Ikea to get the little thing I blogged about before, but taking a 2 hour trip is NOT on the agenda right now. So I found these:
Huggable Hangers. The suggested use is to hang pants after they have been ironed or dry-cleaned as they have a soft type something on them...but I chose to hang my scarfs on them. 
Look at the Major Difference this has made!!!!

NOT showing you the rest of my room, because I've still got a ways to go....
but great thing is...I'm working on it!!!! #projectwifey