Beautiful Curls & Tree Naturals Leave-In Conditioner

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This weekend was the first time in a very long that that I did a Two-Strand Twist on my hair with a Curling Cream without adding a gel for a hold. I wasn't too sure how this would turn out, but I figured if I didn't like it that I would be able to revisit it after the results came out. 

You all know I have used Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner for over two years, but I recently discovered 
Tree Naturals Leave-In Conditioner.
I used this product before one day when my hair was dry and needed a pick me up for work that day. 
I spritz my hair with water and worked the conditioner throughout my hair. I just wanted to add a little moisture until I could get to it that night...WELL, my hair loved it. My little curlies began to form sorta like 
I was using Jane Carter's Curling Cream, it smelled great, hair was moisturized and I even used it again the next day for the same thing.

So this time I decided to wash my hair like normal and then apply Tree Naturals as my leave in Conditioner and Two Strand Twist with Beautiful Curls Curling Cream.
I didn't use a lot since I had a sample size, but the results were awesome. 
As you can see, my curls are very defined, moisturized and surprisingly it has a great hold. 
I am on day 2 right now, and my hair looks just as good as it did yesterday. 
Now I did leave my hair in twists for 2 days, 
 but it looks amazing in my opinion.
My hair is very soft, touchable and I almost have the same definition as when I use Darcy Botanicals...
NOT QUITE, but its pretty darn good ladies.

Tomorrow I may pin up my hair if I find a nice tutorial for it and show you more of what you can do when your twists are defined and holding!!!

But for now  I recommend that you visit 
and check out her product line.

As well as
for the Darcy Botanicals AND the Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream

You will NOT be let down.