Bantu Knots

9:39 AM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Saturday I watched one of Kimmaytube videos and LOVED the outcome of her Bantu Knots so of course
...I was inspired.I've done Bantu Knots on my hair before, but in times past I did Two Strand Twistsand then put them in knots, but this time I decided to just twist my hair into the knots.

I washed my hair Friday morning, so Saturday I just spritz my hair with water/oil, applied Trader Joe's Nourishing Spa as a leave-in, and Cashmere Curls from CURLZfor definition. (I just randomly chose this stuff to see how it would turn out.) Once I twisted my hair into the knots, I noticed that it wasn't staying so I putBob Pins in them for a hold, the next morning my hair was not dry even though it had been 18 hours, so I sat under my dryer. Once I began unraveling them, they were still not dry, so I unraveled them without separating them and sat under the dryer for another 30 minutes. THEN I unraveled them, and began separating. I noticed that my hair was pretty dry especially my ends, so I put coconut oil on my hair.
I have a sorta permanent part down the middle of my hair, so I had to figure out a way to manipulate the style, so I decided to pin up one side with bob Pins and rock out. 
I'm attending a new church, so I don't know anyone for them to say anything about my hair, 
but I noticed a few extra stares...not sure what they meant...but I thought it was cute...
so I wore it to work again today!! LOL
Last night, I wasn't sure how to keep the style, so without products I put them in knots again and 
held them with bob pins. I noticed my ends are dryer than normal, so tonight I am going 
to style it again, but pay very close attention to my ends. 
Here is my inspiration for this style


  1. Your bantu knots turned out really nice! I still have a hard time with Bantu Knots and I use to two-strand twist them too. I might try them with just the twists to see how they turn out!

    Thanks for the video!

  2. Yeah I really like how they turned out....try it without the two strand twists and make sure your hair in 100% dry. When I did it before it wasn't dry and WASNT cute at all!! LOL