Thrift Store Shopping/Juicing

11:29 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Anyone ever juiced before??
Sunday I decided to visit some area thrift stores to see what I could find 
on my quest to organize my life. 
While I didn't find anything at that moment I found a really nice juicer.
The regular price for this item is $80, but I found it brand new for $15. **God Loves Me*
I went home last night, put it together and juice a tomato...I'll spare you the details, 
but what I've learned is that it will definitely keep me regular. 

So with that, I am going to stop Target hoping for a while, and just Thrift Store hop every 
few weeks. They've always got the best books, because people neglect to understand
the importance of having a library of I get them for like $1 and the information
inside are worth millions. (I firmly believe we don't have to go through everything in life to learn
lessons, we can learn them from others by reading books).