Re-Braid Out with Jane Carter Curling Cream on Dry Hair

4:13 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So last night I decided to put 6 Box Braids in my hair after applying Jane Carters Curling Cream.
I was going to define my curls and then do a braid out, but I was tired and didn't feel up to it,
plus my roomie convinced me to just do six braids!
I was the CENTER of her joke for about 45 seconds, my braiding skills are not UP TO PAR so I looked like Buck Wheat for a few moments.
This morning I put Coconut Oil on my hands and I unraveled each braid and place it throughout my hair.
Here are the results
I like my hair BETTER when I do about 20 braids, but my hair is majorly soft, touchable and BIG!
I'm feeling kinda sexy today...whooot whooot.