Pony Tail w/ Bangs

11:09 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Yesterday I watched a video on youtube and decided....I CAN DO THAT! 
Instead of styling my hair the day of, I did the two-strand twists last night and just put the rest of my hair in braids until the morning. (I did this so that my twists would dry so that I wouldn't have to sit under a dryer)
My pony tail was made with two Goody Ouchless headbands and the gel I used was by UR Pure Beauty.
Twists were created with Carols Daughter Hair Milk and Darcy Botanicals Curling Gel. 
I also did my own Eye Shadow...Chelsea would be proud....IM LEARNING folks.
And that's that...it was a very easy style....You can do it too!!!

Tomorrow I am going to pin my bangs to the side and I am going to try different color eye shadow and buy some sparkly stuff tonight.