Pony Tail w/ Bangs Day 2

3:03 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

Soooo I've gotta tell ya...Wednesday was rough with that ponytail. 
I haven't worn a ponytail in YEARS so apparently, I did it a little too tight. 
I had a pretty massive headache all day and that evening, so Thursday and Friday
I opted to make an adjustment to the style. 
Instead of tucking my hair into a bun I left it in a Puff
I smoothed my sides with UR Pure Beauty Curling Gel again. 
For my hair I spritz it with water and oil and then put Leave-Conditioner by
Tree Naturals
I will be doing a full review of Tree Naturals products, but I have to say....When I re-wet my hair Thursday I only put Tree Naturals Leave-In conditioner in my hair for moisture...and OMG you would have thought I put Jane Carter's Curling Cream in my hair. My curls were and still are SUPER defined, its soft to touch and DUH...it looks fierce. 
Last night when I came home from work my roomie did a few double takes and said...wow...it looks really good.....which means you will be seeing ALOT more of this style.
(Hey...don't hate...I'm still learning and I gotta do what works! lol)
This is the front...each morning I just keep untwisting and then putting coconut oil throughout!