Comb Coils

12:32 PM Keenya Kelly 2 Comments

This is my 11 year old niece..for SOME reason my mom decided to do the Big Chop on her hair and take her natural. It has been well over a year since they cut off all of her hair and it has not grown at all. SUPER SAD, so I decided to take her hair fate into my hands. I have never styled anyone else's hair before nor did I know how to do Comb Coils, but thanks to Good Ole' Youtube I taught myself how to style her hair. This is the 2nd time I have styled her hair, I told myself that I will go once a week: Shampoo, Condition and Deep Condition her hair and do these coils. I notice that certain parts of her hair were shorter than others, but even after a week I notice a slight difference in her hair!!

I must say that I am REALLY proud of myself and taking care of her hair. 
Last week as I washed her hair she said:
"Auntie Keenya what's the point of washing and conditioning your hair, can you help me understand?"
I explained the importance of showering, but not stopping there, putting on Deodorant and ALSO putting on lotion to moisturize...he eyes lit though she finally understood the point.

Not to mention her sister asked if I REALLY believe that Mary was a Virgin and that God placed Jesus within her womb...Can't wait to go back this weekend to spend more time with them!!

*PRAISE GOD* the way...I've been SLIPPING with the lip gloss lips are chapped today.....


  1. Hey lady, I have some help for you. 1. You have to trim her hair to stop her split ends from splitting all the way up her hair shaft. It sounds like her hair is breaking at the same rate its growing because everybody’s hair grows unless you have balding problems. 2. She has to help you by wearing her satin bonnet faithfully. It’ll protect those ends with a smooth surface and not allow the rough bedding materials to fray those ends. 3. Moisture moisture moisture. She may be too young to keep up with spritzing so Luster's S-Curl "No Drip" Activator Moisturizer Hair Spray is a great alternative. Here's my review. 4.keep those protective styles coming! If you can do something that protects her ends that even better. I like pin curls they are really cute and you can stick a headband on for extra cuteness. I hope this helps both of you through her journey. :-)

    Blessings, Natural bombshell

  2. Praise God Sis!! Thanks for that.....She wears a silk scarf at night now. I don't live with her so one I decided its time to take her hair into my hands and she can be my Protege' as we take her hair from WRETCHED to beautiful. Right now she doesn't have enough hair to cut and because she's so little I don't want to cut more of the lack of hair that she has...its growing so I will cut it in a month or for right now we are on the right track to growth...and I think the product you recommended is something she can do on a daily basis when I am not there.