UR Pure Beauty Black Soap vs Nubian Heritage Black Soap

11:52 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to try out some new soap
for my face and body. My girl Brandi received it from Susie the owner of
UR Pure Beauty and suggested that I try it. 
Now I'm going to be honest, as I always am...I was NOT excited about trying this,
mainly because I've tried black soap on my face before 
 and in a matter of seconds my face looked like this in a matter of seconds.
 But I trust the girl who suggested it, and decided to try it out!!!!
On the down side, it doesn't stay together like regular bar soap, but on the up side it feels AMAZING.
It didn't lather up as much as regular soap does, but it didn't need to, just rubbing my hands together felt great, and applying it to me face and body felt even better. 
I gave the Man of God some soap for his house and he couldn't stop talking about it,  I mean non-stop for a few minutes...and I let him talk so I could blog about it! LOL
I noticed that I didn't need to run and make sure I applied a moisturizer immediately but that I could wait a few minutes, whereas with the other soap, I have 3.5 seconds....

I haven't ventured into trying it in my hair, but I may do that eventually....but I strongly recommend you all find some black soap!!!!