Update on Darcy Botanicals Curling Gel

10:04 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So today is Day 3 of my Twists with Darcy Botanicals Curling Gel. I planned to untwist them Wednesday afternoon, but figured I would try something different. I have VERY LITTLE frizz at the moment and I am AMAZED at how great they still appear. Thursday morning I went running in very dense fog and of course that meant my hair was damp once I returned home, I thought it would effect my hair, but it actually just moisturized my hair and made it look even better.

I think took a shower without a cap so that my hair could absorb more moisture and applied www.Afiya4you.com Caribbean Hair oil!!!

Each night before I went to bed I spritz my hair with my water/Jojoba Mix and tied down my hair. 
And check me out on Day 3

Tonight I will spritz again and then untwist tomorrow for my dinner, Ladies....I STRONGLY recommend this product...and don't forget..you get a discount up until Wednesday November 16, 2011.

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