Thanksgiving Hair with a Banana Clip

2:01 PM Keenya Kelly 3 Comments

Soooo, Goody sent us lots of hair accessories for our recent Natural Hair Event, 
and today I decided to would test out the Banana Clip. 
I've never used a Banana Clip or had enough hair to use I thought...but this turned out quite well.
My roommate Chelsea helped me with this...(notice her fingers)
(Midget Hands)
We gathered my hair into a ponytail with an ouchless holder, 
and then put the clip on it, and removed the holder.
We then gently pulled my hair out of the clip for a wee bit of hang time, 
and my bangs which were cut by Jevata of Jevata The Salon, swooped to the side...
from me pin-curling every night. 
I am also in the process of learning how to apply Makeup and Coordinate so Chelsea helped me 
pick out these earrings to wear. 
(Thanks to Rae Labrie for hooking me up for my Birthday)
And Voila...that was my Thanksgiving hair.