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Greetings Ladies!!! 
So this weekend I decided to go to the Salon and get a Blow Out. You all know I rarely EVER straighten my hair, but I promised Jevata that I would get my ends trimmed every 2 months, and all a Man/Woman has is his/her word. 
My girlfriend Arika reminded me of a lady at church Mika, who is a stylist at Redefining You. I recently encountered a newly natural sista who goes to Mika for blowouts, so I figured I would make an appointment and try her out. 
My Relaxed friend Arika
Now, it has been QUITE a while since I have booked an appointment with a Stylist or sat in a waiting area for my name to be called for my appointment, so personally I was looking to experience the following things:
1. A room full of women waiting to be serviced.
2. Kids in the waiting area either crying, or on the floor playing with Crayons and such.
(nothing wrong with it, its just what I was expecting)
3. The smell of Flat Irons, Hair Spray and Nail Polish
4. A loud phone ringing with a number of stylist talking loud with their clients
5. A White floor with minimal decorations

Now this post is NOT to talk badly about this salon or anyone else, but this is my opinion and experience from the present and past. 

Here is my review:
I arrived at the salon at exactly 9:30 and was greeted by the stylist Mika. Upon my arrival she stopped what she was doing and took my coat, thought that was a night touch. I IMMEDIATELY noticed that there was no one in the waiting area, no smell of hair spray, flat irons and nail polish and that the salon was beautifully decorated.
The waiting area is right next to the door and instead of sitting in a plastic chair there were brown/caramel color couches that felt like the couch you would purchase for your living room. 
I must admit, when I sat down it took a minute to take everything in, because I had driven past this salon for a few years and never knew it looked like this on the inside.
(Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos as I didn't ask for permission, hopefully I can get some at a later date.)
Mika - My Stylist
The salon was beautifully decorated as though I just stepped into a salon in Los Angeles,
and yes I have been to Los Angeles! LOL. 
As I sat there reading a book, I noticed the music playing overhead was Worship Music. It wasn't blasting where you needed to scream to talk to one another, but it was at a level where you could really enjoy yourself or fall asleep if need be. That impressed me, because I no longer listen to secular music and try my best not to expose myself to it for an extended period of time. I remember at one point a prayer was being spoken over music and I don't know if anyone noticed but I had about 5 more minutes of her praying and I was going to take a lap. It was AMAZING...but we'll talk about that on another post. LOL
This is Day 3 - I pin curl every night.
When it was my turn she called me over and asked what I wanted and went to work. One thing I liked about the stylist was how calm she was, I have a very bright personality, but I like being around those that are NOT like me and she is very different from me and the music had pretty much calmed me down!! LOL

She washed and began styling my hair...then I noticed a new person arrived. All these ladies go to my church, but I am not in regular conversation with them so I just observed and spoke as I was being spoken to. 
The new person that arrived began sweeping the floor and straightening things up, I asked if she was the receptionist and come to find out she is the owner. 

In the past I was use to never seeing the owner of the salon, or she had the first chair and everyone was in line waiting on her. I'm not sure why this impressed me, but it did, I found that to be admirable because I am a believer that once you own something you don't just disappear, you work just as hard as you did when you opened your doors. 

The interesting encounter I had with the owner was after Mika blew out my hair the owners only words in my direction was: "She's gonna need a Lawn Mower for her hair."
I'm guessing that was her introduction and poke to see if I could take a joke..and yeah I can...
I'm secure in me.  I wasn't offended at all...had a few jokes at the tip of my tongue but since it was one of our first encounters and I was close to the flat iron, I figured I would refrain from going toe to toe with  her. LOL

All in all, I think Mika did a good job trimming my ends and blowing out my hair. 
On another post I will let you know of the products she used on my hair, but her prices were very reasonable and I would recommend her if you are looking to get a blow out for the Holidays! 
I would definitely say that the salon gets a 9.0 for presentation, accessibility, styling and pricing.
My only desire is for a little more friendliness to new customers.
You can find them at: 
7102-F Hull Street Road
Richmond, VA 23235

Ph: 804-674-7729
Ask for Mika


  1. Do they do relaxers too in that shop or just natural hair?

  2. From what I could see I would say 95% of the hair they do is's not a natural salon. But I have seen Mikas work as it pertains to blowouts and thats why I went....