Product Review for Afiya

8:23 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

LADIES LADIES LADIES!!!! New awesome product for my hair!!!
So a few weeks or a month ago I wrote a "short post" on a new hair oil that I used on my hair. 
I raved about the smell of it...and ladies its still the same...THE BEST SMELLING hair oil I have EVER used. Don't get me wrong I love Karen's Body Beautiful Jojoba Oil....the Caribbean Oil via has everyone else beat....hands down!!

In this pic I used The Hair Butter in conjunction with Eco Styler and the results are awesome.
The Butter is very light in weight and it didn't require that I use a lot of it on each twist. I used maybe 1/16th of the jar that I have on my entire head....and as you all know I've got a pretty nice sized head.
 Also, sometimes when I use Eco-Styler in conjunction with other creams there is a white creamy substance in my hair until it dries, but with Afiya I didn't experience that at all. Now the others still work out fine, but with this one, if I twists my hair and want to go outside I don't have to be concerned with people looking at my hair as though a bird just pooped in my head. (Don't laugh you know what I am talking about.)
This is me today...Day 5 and my girls are still VERY defined and hair still soft. Now its not as soft as when I use Hair Milk for Twist Outs, but I believe it is because of the Eco Styler gel that I mixed in with this product. I am going to do another Twist out w/o adding gel and let you all know how long this lasts.
So I definitely recommend that you use this product, especially if you like a product with all Natural ingredients and enjoy a nice smell in your hair.

Not to mention Saturday night after Date Night Rashaad couldn't see to stop touching my curls and he complimented me on the way my hair smelled!!!! *THUMBS UP to AFIYA!!!!

Check them out ladies!!!