Miss Jessies/Stretching a Twist Out

3:21 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hey Ladies!! I know alot of you have been waiting on my review of Miss Jessies Silkening Stretch Creme...and my results are favorable. I will say first that this product does not give you a hold, and its purpose is not to define your curls, so I recommend a little bit of Eco-styler with this product.
This is what happened to my hair after applying Giovanni Direct Leave-In and the Miss Jessies Silkening Creme...LOVE IT!
After sectioning and detangling, I put each twist in a bantu knot until I began the stretching process.
After I twisted each piece I began the method used in the video I attached last week.
I recommend that you undo EACH knot first, because after I began to stretch them and bobby pin them, I couldn't get to two of the knots so the next day they weren't dry with the rest of my hair.
All in all i would say that this method works greatly, I think that the Miss Jessies Product may not have been the best for this...since it wasn't a cream to define my curls.
I am going to see how other Natural have used the Silkening Creme for their hair and then try that.
Tonight I am going to use the Darcy Botanicals Curling Gel again to see how that works with adding the stretching method.
I may have needed to NOT use a Leave-In with the product...so I've gotta try that as well.
I will say on the Negative Side, that today is Day 3 and my hair in the back is not feeling as soft as it has with others product and my twists are not as defined in the back as well....BUT I am going to try the product again! But the stretch method is great!!!

Also...my earrings are from Alodeuri again...she is killing the game ya'll!!!!