Miss Jessies Super Sweetback Treatment

3:41 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So Friday night I decided to do a WHOLE Miss Jessies ordeal on my hair....thank God I received some of these products for free...because the Sweetback Treatment was an epic failure!! I followed the directions, and it felt like my hair was the same or maybe a little worse off after rinsing off the product.
I love beautiful smells...but I have to agree with most people its very strong and kinda overwhelming.
I don't recommend anyone to purchase this product: 1) Because its extremely over priced, 2) Jessicurl has an AMAZING deep conditioner, 3) Because you can use a Conditioner/Castor Oil or other products that really deep condition your hair. After every Deep Conditioner of Jessicurl I feel like I could do a twist out with ZERO products!!!!!!