Alodeuri Jewelry and Accessories

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I know you are thinking...OMG Keenya's hair looks, but this post is "all about earrings."
I had the pleasure of meeting the owner of Alodeuri Jewelry and Accessories...she is awesome. 
Like your best friends sister that you wish was your best friend....for real.
Not to mention her jewelry is FIRE!!!
You all know I have been on a mission to step outside of my comfort zone as it pertains to earrings and jewelry, so I decided I would go all out...and BOOM what a way to go all out.
I have NO CLUE what they are made out of, but it seems like a suede shirt, or something of the sort. They are absolutely marvelous. I wore this during the Embracing YOUR Beauty event on Oct 22, and then to church yesterday. The looks I got yesterday...LOL! Some people just looked at me like I was crazy....but mind you my hair was fierce thanks to, I had one my favorite BCBG boots and these earrings were like BOOM!!! WHAT!!! I didn't do it for attention, but apparently it caused quite a stir with the ladies!!
So I will definitely be partnering with the owner on a few more posts as we will have a great GIVEAWAY for you all. Also, at the EYB event a lady won these earrings...
But all PRAISES go to my God she is allergic to most things, so she gave them to me....
(Takes a lap because I'm favored)
These I believe are made from a T-Shirt...but are FIRE!!! 
I know you all want to see more pics and I will GLADLY show you a few more..
 I need one of these in my life NOW!
Ladies this is NOT a shall put on 
more clothes with this!!!
 You can find more of her awesomeness via:
And Find her on Facebook: Alodeuri Jewelry and Accessories


  1. did I NOT know that you had a blog?!?! I am Coya, one of the ladies who volunteered at your last event!

    I gave you my card concerning event planning! Glad to see I can now keep up with another Richmond Natural! Again, keep me in mind when you need ANY event planning assistance :) I loved the event! (and spent way too much money lol)

    Take care!

  2. Yep I remember you!! Yeah it'll be a year coming up soon.....I unfortunately didnt buy anything!!! Got side tracked!!!!

  3. Her work is definetly dope. willbe checking out her website .....

  4. Def do that....we are working on a giveaway now.