New Developments in Detangling

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LADIES!!!! I wish I could shout this from the rooftop!!! 
So you all know I recently had an amazing experience with Jevata the Salon and my blowout. 
Well last night I washed my hair put a leave-in conditioner that Jevata recommend
Phyto Organics Leave-In Spray
And I started my normal process of sectioning my hair to detangle, and the amazement began. 
Normally when I section my hair I go through a slight tug-o-war with the curls in my hair as they are a little tough to get through, but Jevata told me something the day she was styling my hair. She told me that you must get your ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks, to afford, split ends and that this will help with detangling your hair. 
I must be honest, I thought it was a tactic to get me to come back, as old stylist I have gone to used the same thing...but OMG SHE WAS CORRECT!!! I parted my hair all the way down the middle with NO resistance. I mean NONE, ZERO, ZILCH, NATAH. I almost texted her immediately to apologize for not believing, but figured I'd put myself on blast here via the blog!!! MY Bad Jevata!!!
Ladies, last night was the ONLY time I ever enjoy twisting my hair, and combing my hair. What normally takes over an hour to do, took about 20-25 minutes to do!!
So, my advice to you...go see a professional!! Not someone you've used for years, but a trusted individual who is educated not just with hair, but natural hair as well...and allow her/him to take care of you. 
Jevata gets another Gold Star from Keenya Kelly Griffin
Jevata The Salon