Encouragement for the Newly Natural

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Today's Post goes out to all my Newly Natural Sistahs!!!
The past few weeks I have received a flood of facebook messages, emails and text messages from my beautiful sistahs that have begun their natural journey. Most are having the same problem, transitioning and caring for it once they have done the Big Chop. I want to remind you all that going natural is a brand new process for you, its not going to be like the old folks say "Like riding a bike," because there are NO TRAINING WHEELS! 
You've spent twenty something years of your life addicted to the Creamy Crack and you didn't even know there was a different way or ever even considered it and all of a sudden now you want to stop doing what you've been doing for YEARS. THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY, but it will be worth it. 
Check out some of my earlier posts about doing the Big Chop, I was FREAKING OUT; before and after. 
Not because I looked a wretched mess...the entire time...but because I didn't know what to do. 
With all of that my #1 recommendation is find a Natural Women who's hair is FIERCE! Not someone that looks a mess and is always complaining, but a women who's hair gives you hope...and just ask her questions. 
Early on in my journey and something as of late, I see naturals out and about and I will stop them and ask them questions. I was in Forever 21 a few weeks ago and a sales rep ran up to me for help. I gladly told her EVERYTHING you wanted to know and said if you want you can have my number....why..because why would I let her go around looking a mess if I could help her. Clearly a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle....and I like to see women at their best. 

I recently had a young lady message me on facebook about doing a Two-Strand Twist and she said he results were horrific...I had to laugh a little t hen I investigated the products she was using on her hair. When she said CHOLESTEROL...I almost threw up!!! That is one product I HATE!! And I don't hate very many things...but it is TERRIBLE like OMG terrible. I used that on my hair on the first date with my Man of God...he never said anything but when I came home my roommate made it very clear that it looked a mess!! So if you are using that or considering it...RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!! 
Trash it immediately!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!

When I meet new naturals I ALWAYS recommend a few products to start...and they are low in cost:
Hello Hydration By Herbal Essence Shampoo and Conditioner
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (from the grocery store yes)
Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner (found at TargetNatural Section)
And products for curling your hair are:
Jane Carter Curling Cream
Donna Marie Curling Cream
CURLS Milkshake or Cashemere Curls

Eco-Styler will DEF curl your hair but it will make it hard...
so you need to put more Leave-In Conditioner in your hair if you are using this product to curl your hair. 

It's a journey, but you have to take it all step by step. One day at a time so that you can learn your hair. 
Also, take some time to watch youtube videos, there are alot of them...so look for them that have the most views and then go from there.

Also if you have any questions please email me if you have any questions;  it comes directly to my phone.