3rd Blow Out

9:21 AM Keenya Kelly 3 Comments

Happy Monday Ladies!!!
I am pleased to announce that I have Blown Out my hair for the 3rd time in 2 years.
We cut off all of my split ends...which were MANY..smh and she cut lots of layers into my hair. 
Ladies again I say...I have NEVER had hair this long in my life!!! It feels great to know that the reason my hair is this long is because its healthy, and able to breathe vs everything I did over the years to damage it.
One of my favorite compliments came from my Man of God's Mom and her bestfriend. Neither of them knew I had gone to the salon and the best friend Sonya said.."I saw you walk out to sing and your hair was like WOOSH. It was bouncing, flowing and just like EXCUSE ME." Then his mom jumped clean into an intense convo I was having with a friend with UNBELIEF. She smiled bigger than I had ever seen, couldn't stop touching it and gave me the biggest hug EVER. I thought it was super cute!! Oh yeah..my grandma was like umm who is that...once I told her who I was she said...wow you wearing a wig..and then began to pull my hair. I was like G-MA For real...
November 20, 2011 marks my two year anniversary!!! I can not believe my hair looks like this...


  1. Your hair looks Fabulous!! Love it!!

  2. Thanks! J did an amazing job..my hair has NEVER looked this great!!! This is my 3rd one and I am like GLORAY!!!