What goes in effects what comes out!

12:22 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So, I am going to allow you all into my personal space today!!!
You all are aware that I have been natural for some time now, growing my hair almost effortlessly and discovering more and more about myself, hair and body each day!
WELL....Ladies you ALL are aware of what takes place with our bodies once a month; THE CYCLE!
Some of us just have our cycle and that's that, while some of us experience PAIN!!!
And for me its the type of pain where all I want to do is lay in bed in the Fetal Position and sleep!
I remember telling my roomie Chelsea about it and I think once her and lived together each month she started to believe me, as it was a reoccuring thing. So after 30 YEARS of living I learned that most women with painful cycles are on Birth Control pills. That it some how produces something in our body and helps regulate cycles and help with the pain. It took me a few months to finally ask for a perscription because I was like...ummmm I am NOT participating in any "sexual activity" so why would I need to take Birth Control...and what people would think when they found out.if they found out. But in August after my last cycle made me feel as though I had a little person sitting on my belly all day, I decided what others think doesnt matter..THIS HURTS! So I began taking Microgestin FE 1/20, I didnt know which one to take so I just trusted the doctor. Its been two weeks and I am already OFF THE PILL!
Not only is it as if I am having 2 cycles for this month, but it has caused a few random things to occue, including a random rash/mark on my arm and bumps in my  hair and it appears that my hair has begun to thin out in that area!!!

I was like hold up!! But in the back of my head..OH NO THEY DIDNT!
Nobody told me that my body would act a fool like this and it could mess up my natural tresses!! WHAT???
LOL So this discovery has sparked this blog posting.
I went to an older lady at work yesterday and she began explaining that what I put in my body effects my cycle. That if I would stop drinking as many sodas as I drink, work out more like I use to and eating more green vegetables, that my cycle would not effect me like it has.
So with that,  I just wanted to bring to your attention that ladies if you are trying to figure out what's going on in your body, and how to take care of your body and hair, that you should figure out what you are putting in it first. I was reminded last night that God created us, and that our body is supposed to operate naturally, if we put things in our bodies that are not of and from the earth there will be a reaction and/or a consequence.
So with that...Pray for me..I've got to Give up Mountain Dew!!!
Seriously...Mountain Dew is to me what McDonalds Coffee is to my girl Brandi and what Chipotle is to my roomie Chelsea!! If you knew them...you would laugh!!

Love ya'll.