TWA Styles for the Winter

11:55 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Hello Ladies!!! 
So as we all know winter will be here before we know it...and those of us that were in RVA this weekend, we experienced a tiny bit of that. SMH. So I was posed with a question:
How do you style your TWA in the winter?
I honestly didn't have the best answer for her, because when I BC I didn't know any better so I washed my hair EVERYDAY even in the cold weather. (If my Gma knew I'd prob still be in the dog house) lol. 
So with that I went on a search to find what you ladies can do to care for your hair in the winter. 
***The reason winter is such a big issue is because the cold weather will definitely dry out your hair, causing it to break off if its not properly cared for or moisturized. Nothing to be scared of..but just something to be aware of.** 
In some of these videos you will see women wearing hats, and some of them are wool...but you want to protect your hair against those hats as well, by wearing some sort of silk scarf underneath.
Outside of the hats you can wear wigs, Braids, Two Strand Twists, Bantu Knots of even coils. 
 Two Strands
 Senegalese Twists
 These are styles I wore in the winter for my hair! 
This year I am going to step OUT of my box and try some of the hats like you see in this video.