Surviving the Storms

9:11 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

LADIES!!! It feels like I've haven't been on here in AGES, but I guess its only been about two weeks.
These two weeks have been extremely eventful though. For those of you that didn't know we experience an Earthquake in Richmond and then Hurricane Irene decided to grace us with her presence.

To no surprise my reaction has been just of another day.
As we were experiencing the Earth Quake I just thought to myself..I don't know what's going on but let me grab my purse and cell phone. Then when we heard about the Hurricane I bought a little bit of food and just prepared myself to be without power and water for a little while, but that I would find a place to stay until ours had been restored.

So how has this effected my hair? Glad you asked...

I haven't deep conditioned my hair in a little while, since its a pretty big dryer and I would look CRAZY lugging it into someone's house. I haven't really had the opportunity to experiment with styling either because after work I typically drive 30 minutes to my house, feed my cats, drive to my mothers house cook dinner, play with my nieces and nephews, chat with my Man of God, shower and go to sleep.

So I have been twisting my hair here and there, but more so rocking a VERY large Poof or pinning my hair into a FroHawk. Last night I wore a FroHawk to church and my roomie walked up to me (Who hasn't seen me in a few days due to the storm) and said WOW your hair is long. Kinda want to get it blown out so I can see how its grown a little bit more...but I think I'll put it off for a little while.