Soul Purpose Foot Scrub and Cream

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This weekend I decided to pamper the Man of God in my life. 
I told my roomie I was going to treat my man to a foot treatment this weekend...I thought she was going to pass out, but its something I really have wanted to do for him since we met. Not that he has terrible feet as I rarely see them, but I knew since he plays a lot of sports and wears boots at work that his feet have experienced lots of trauma lol and needed a little TLC. I also know most men have not been treated as the Kings that they are, so I wanted him to know at least for that moment that I recognize the King in him and my desire is to treat him as such. 
I started off by washing his feet and them soaking them in a warm tub in water, left them slightly damp and began massaging his feet with the foot scrub. The scrub reminds of the facial products we women use to scrub our faces, but this product has a minty/tea tree/lavendar fragrance to it. First few minutes I think he felt slightly uncomfortable but the lavendar in the scrub relaxed him a little and he seemed to loosen up. His feet weren't terrible but I noticed they were pretty rough and hard, without a slight glimpse of hope for softeness. Lol. I massaged his feet and legs up to his calves two times, which last about 15 - 20 minutes, washed them off with warm water, dried them and them applied the cream.
I massaged his feet for about 10 minutes and VOILA!! 
I was quite impressed. I've used products on my hands and feet that claim to give you the feel of a babies bottom, but my hands and feet ended up like the back of an alligator...but I must say that this products does exactly what it says. 
So ladies if you are trying to save money in not going to get a Pedicure every other week or taking care of your feet in the winter months..I HIGHLY recommend this product. We have plans to exfoliate his feet again in two weeks, as I am sure this process is NOT going to soften those things up over night and you don't exfoliate a mans feet one day and expect him to feel like a king all the has to be done consistently. 
So sistahs...take care of that man in your life...he deserves it...and if he doesn't he shouldn't be allowed in your life.

Be sure to check out Deborah Hanson with Soul Purpose or  via 804.553.0967


  1. You've taken "submit" to a whole 'nother level. Ummm, yea...I'm with Chelsea. GROSS! lol I ain't scrubbin no one's feet! We can go get pedi's together though...I'm down with that. :-)

  2. LOL Candy!! I wouldn't say this was submitting, but more so blessing him. It's not everyday anyone is willing to rub your feet...especially without a motive or compensation. So me taking care of his feet was a way that I showed him how much I love and appreciate him and an indication that I can remove myself and only think of him.
    It was a new thing for me as it was for him...everyone may not do it or be willing to...but that's me!! Blog about THAT Project Wifey!! buhahaha

  3. lol I've been thinking about that actually hmmm...stay tuned! :)

  4. LOL!! I'm sure...He's got a lot more to come...I did his hands at the old house when we first started dating. I want to give him a facial soon!!

  5. *barf* lol! I'll rub my husband's back, scalp, and hands but I draw the line at the feet!

  6. That is TBD *To Be Determined* Midg...we'll see when the time comes. You move with the ummm...I've got a feeling...well we shall see when that time comes. And if you need some help with can refer back to my blog!

  7. It truly is an expression of "love"