Project Wifey

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LADIES!!!! I know..where I have been?!?! BUSY is the answer!!! We are in the final stage of getting everything together for the Embracing YOUR Beauty Natural Hair Event for Oct 22nd, but this post has NOTHING to do with that. I wanted to recommend you all to a blog I subscribe to. 

So I am a little biased since one of the authors is my roommate and the 2nd author is someone I care for as well, but it really is a good read!! Sometimes its EXTREMELY comical when Candice falls down a flight of stairs or has issues with Centipedes...or interesting watching Chelsea prepare meals in the kitchen and snap pictures sorta like I do when I make a good meal...but its really refreshing. 

I can't tell you their exact reasons for starting the blog, but as a reader and bystander it seems to me as though the two of them started a conversation face to face that then birthed a need to write about it and broadcast to the world. Not because they have all the answers or have the best relationships, but because they have experienced life in the time that they have been on earth and have learned some things. Some through personal experience in their relationships, counseling friends that just can't seem to get it together, and possibly watching others go through their current relationships. 
I do find myself from time to time sharing with Chelsea the ups and downs of my relationship not to vent on her per se, but mostly to share the experience with someone who knows and loves God as much as I do, and won't burp her opinion on me but will just listen or remind me of sermons to listen to. 
As I read their posts, it seems to me that they both desire to one day get married and start a family, but recognize that right now is probably not their season but a season of preparation for what is to come. Its amazing to see it all being put out on paper and to see the growth that takes place in the two of them...not to mention to smell the aroma or what Chelsea cooks in the house. (Not that I get invited to partake..smh)

If you want to keep up with the blog subscribe, other wise just look for the links on my facebook page...Its amazing the things that are in the minds of people...definitely looking forward to reading more from them!!!