Oh how Natural Hair Grows

3:09 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

This Morning I looked in the mirror and had to do a double take!!! One because I'm super beautiful :)
and two because my hair is longer than its ever been in 30 years living.
March 2010
September 2011
I must say that I am truly proud of myself for going through this process.
Cutting all of my hair off and taking it one step/day at a time re-learning my hair and what it takes to grow beautiful healthy hair. This has truly been quite the journey! I know most of you spent your life making sure you stay away from water, keep your hair greased up with grease or oil sheen, to know changing and
re-learning everything you've ever known.
Lately, I have been watching my 11 year old niece and the process she is going through in taking care of her hair, and I have learned that even at 11 years old she is being influenced by my mother and what my mother has known about taking care of her hair. I have watched as her hair is dry and matted down most days and hot unattractive it has been, as she has to learn how to take care of her hair along with my mother. It makes me think about all the other naturals out there struggling to care for the beautiful hair that is God given.

With all of these thoughts today I want to ask you ladies..what are some of the questions or issues you are having with caring for your hair or the individuals hair you are caring for? Just email me, and I will glady provide you will some assistance. Keenyakelly@gmail.com