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Introducing my new best friend Adrienne
So as I have been telling you all I am on a quest to try new things for myself. I guess turning 30 has caused me to step out of my comfort zone a little more of something. I have been looking for head wraps for quite some time, that are not only cost effective, but add to the beauty of my hair and face. (I'm so humble) LOL
Early this morning I stumbled upon her Etsy store and feel in love!!! I am BIG on colors, but want things that aren't BIG and Gawky. (Like I dont like BIG earrings, but unique ones).
Like this one GOT ME!!!! I was like YESSSS in my church shout voice!!!
Don't be jealous of her hair!!! LOL
In a few days I will update you all with photos of myself and my hair...I'm super excited.
But between now and then...check her out!!!
And find her on Facebook at: Hair 2 Be Tied Accessories!!!
And those of you in the Maryland/DC Area....SHES LOCAL!!! Whoooot Whooot