Hair to be Tied with Me

12:42 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

SO EXCITED!!! Sunday morning I tried my best to find an outfit that would match some of the head bands I received. Unfortunately, WINTER decided to make a brief appearance...but I said I don't care if I match..I'm wearing one of these!!! So this is the one I chose!!! LOVE IT
When I wear new styles or my hair differently I receive one of two responses: NO response or A lot of compliments. I didn't know if it was a hit until the Man of God sat down. In between services he looked at my hair and said "Wow it looks extra long today, and then he looked at my head band and smiled." 
That means...I LIKE IT but I don't feel obligated to tell you. LOL So I like my head band huh? 
He smiled his innocent smile and gave me a lil nudge...which means TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he doesn't even know that its reversible.
I must say that I am sooo super excited to wear these head bands.
They are super easy to put on, very light and don't have all the extra length at the end that no one wants.
The material seems nice to my curlies and I fell in love with the owners!!!
If you are looking for some HAVE to get at least one..I got FOUR!!!
*thinking about a giveaway...maybe not...I really like these*