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In a previous blog I shared with you all about a new Hair Accessory company that I learned about:  
Hair To Be Tied
Over the past couple of days I have had the lovely opportunity to converse with one of the founders Adrienne. She seemed to have such a lovely spirit, full of life and happy!! 
Come to find out she is a twin!!! 
I posted pictures of her and her sister and I had NO IDEA that they weren't the same person
.Not sure which one is which, but since she's wearing my favorite head band...I chose this photo. 
So you will notice above they sent over 4 different head bands...but the amazing thing is they are reversible. Each side has a different color. So when you buy one you are actually buying two! Which is AWESOME. 

I know a number of you ladies reading this post have recently experience the Big Chop or still have a small TWA - Teenie Weenie Afro, this is an amazing accessory to have for that style or any style. 
I know some days when I don't have time the night before to do my hair, that I do Poofs in the morning with Knee Hi's or the Goody Head Bands, but with these you can now accessorize and add some beautiful color to your hair.

Tomorrow I am going to gear my outfit around one of the headbands so that I can wear one!! 
So Ladies...if you are going to buy accessories for your hair I STRONGLY recommend you buy at least one of these!!! 
This one is my favorite and they come wrapped up with their logo.
And you know how shirts come with the little tags in them, well these come with tags as well. 
LOVE IT!! It's the little things folks. I loved how they paid attention to detail!! 
Find them on Facebook: Hair To Be Tied Accessories and Online:

Testimonial From Facebook:
Kesia Hobbs After I saw your post the other day I went on her site & ordered a few myself.