Glory to God

9:16 PM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

It's 10pm and I should be sleeping, but instead I have found myself consumed by how amazing God is. 
I have been experiencing the most amazing month I have ever had my entire life. Tonight is no different but better. I'm not sure if all of you believe in God or experience some of the things I have been experiencing this past year...but right now I am just so amazed!! In awe that no matter how much you may sin, fall short or miss the mark..God is still God. He forgives you of sins that you KEEP committing, he keeps blessing you when you KNOW you don't deserve to be blessed. He fills you with joy in the midst of sorrow, peace in the midst of chaos and so much more. I wish I could send you all a picture or a video of how I feel right now...but NOTHING could grasp my current feelings!! 

I'm so grateful that God didn't give up on me and saw fit to move me away from all of my family and friends, take his time stripping me of all my nastiness (still got some) and put me back together to be a blessing to others. 
**This may be a lot to someone..but sis/bro..just know that God is awesome, real and present*
Right now...the only thing I could say to end this blog would be HALLELUJAH!! GLORY TO GOD

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