Embracing YOUR Beauty Natural Hair Extravaganza

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Natural Ladies, Relaxed Ladies, Ladies hating on Natural Ladies...
We've got the event for you!
Embracing YOUR Beauty will host its 3rd Natural Hair Extravaganza
October 22nd, 2011!!
We are soo excited...not only because God is awesome and has given us the idea to host these events,
but that he has also had YOU all attend these events to make them a success.

For those of you that may be new to EYB...In the Words of Jay-Z
"Let Me Re-Introduce Myself" lol
Embracing YOUR Beauty was founded what "we" thought was by accident but we later realized it was by divine design. Brandi and I have been natural for a little while now (Brandi - 4 yrs, Keenya - Going on 2 Yrs) and we recognized that we really didn't know everything we needed to know about taking care of our hair.  We also encountered so many women who were either natural and their hair...well lets just say it wasn't up to par, or were considering going natural and just didnt know what to do. So after some discussion we decided to throw a hair party for a few people, but it a matter of 6 weeks it turned into an Expo with over 400 Attendees. Praise God.
We had an amazing time at our first and second event as you can see in the photos, and with all of the feedback we received it appears that our attendees had a great time as well.
The purpose of our events are to help the Natural Ladies and those transitioning to Natural with caring for their Natural Hair, a place to find Vendors that offer products that are beneficial for them like:
Natural Hair Products, Skin Products, Jewelry, Accessories and More.
We are also two women that LOVE GOD!!! We desire for people to know that not only is natural beautiful and fun, but loving God is too!!! We CUT THE FOOL at our events with no restrictions, we allow our speakers to express themselves, and we show people that you can be FLY and BE SAVED!!
At the October will be no different but definitely on another level.
We are going to host this event from 11am - 5pm with 3 separate rooms.
Room 1 For Vendors,
Room 2 Hair Stylists - We have heard your plea and we are accomodating the requests.
At this event if you come with freshly washed hair, for a minimal fee you can get your hair styled on-site.
Stylist will be prepared for: Two Strand Twists, Frohawk, Defining Curls, Styling Locks, Flat Twists and a few other basic styles.
Room 3 How to Sessions which include: Two Strand Twists, Buns, Flat Twists, Defining Curls and More.

Featuring our very own Brandi of EYB
We are going to have the most fabulous time at this event!!!
Also, if you will be ready for a Big Chop on that day...IM SURE we would love to take part in that process with you. Email us at embracingyourbeauty@gmail.com if you are interested.

 We look forward to seeing you all on October 22nd at 11am

If you or someone you know would be interested in being a Stylist/Vendor/Sponsor of the event please email us at: embracingyourbeauty@gmail.com
Remember its ok to be Fly and Be Saved...like seriously!!!

Check Out This Testimony from one of our Vendors:
 I can definitely tell you that my business has grown and been more successful since being a vendor at both EYB events. My sales were great and the attendees were interested in the products offered, especially my 5.00 earring display and natural hair t-shirts. EYB has truly been a blessing to me and allowed me to share my business and meet some great people. Have a super day! RaShawn