Carol's Daughter Hair Milk

8:28 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Beautiful People!!!!!
I'm very excited to share my review of Carol's Daughter Hair Milk.
I have been desiring to try their products for some time now...and GLORY TO GOD one of my sisters in Christ decided to bless me with their Mint Shampoo and Hair Milk. I'll talk about the Shampoo later.
So let me tell ya, I have tried Hair Milk by a few different companies which have been nice experiences, however the first thing I liked was the presentaion of it. The little bottle looks like an old skool bottle of Milk. All I thought was aww how cute. Then when I opened it the smell was heavenly and I mean heavenly. I think the main ingredient that I smell is the Lemongrass Oil. I keep putting my hands in my hair just to smell my fingers.

On top of that my hair loves it. The milk is thick, not runny at all. It's not greasy, but you can tell that it has ingredients in it that will assist with defining curls and adding lots of moisture!!
If you are looking to try a new product that will define your curls, but not harden them with an amazing smell, this is my recommendation.