Working with your hair after the Big Chop!!

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Good Afternoon Ladies!!!
This morning I felt a desire to speak to those of you that have recently cut your hair and have begun your natural journey. I've seen a number of beautiful sistahs around church that have recently BC'd and receive a number of questions as to what should they do next, how do they define their curls patterns...etc; so today I wanted to tell you what I did when I went through the Big well as help you to understand that those nervous feelings you are having and the desire to get a relaxer are normal...BUT you will NOT relax your hair. I've never  been in a physical fight outside of my sisters...but I know some people that would beat you up if you relax your hair!!!
This was me, 3 days after my Big Chop
But the day OF the BC I wasn't smiling as much.
I went from having hair just beyond my ears to the hair you see above.
Read through the blog and you will find all the feelings that I felt as I wont outline them all in this blog.
Most of the feelings I had were what others were going to say about my hair, the looks I was getting from people and what the man in my life was going to think or say. I must say I did get some random looks from  people and some not so nice comments...but I get them now and my hair is FIERCE so, you can't please everyone ladies. I then spoke with one of my natural inspirations and asked for help.
Nowadays, when anyone does the BC I immediately set them up on this regimine for a few reasons. Most of the products are very inexpensive, its something easy they can do, and it start the "caring for your hair" process without overwhelming them with all the fancy words and stuff we use. (Parabens, Sulfates etc.)
Products Needed:
Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil (I prefer Coconut Oil or Jojoba)
Giovanni Direct Leave In Condtioner - Available at Target or Whole Foods
Eco Styler Gel (Argan or Olive Oil) - Available at Sallys
Pretty little headbands from Walmart or anywhere

Every MORNING I would wake up, shower and wash my hair. I only Shampooed my hair once a week to keep from drying out my scalp, but I would wash my hair with Conditioner EVERYDAY as if it was a Shampoo. After showering I left my hair slightly damp, out a quarter size amount of oil in my hair to seal in the moisture of the wash into my hair and scalp. Then I applied Giovanni Direct Leave In Conditioner through my hair and worked it through. Applied two quarter size amounts of Eco Styler in my hair, and then but on a nice little head bad. All seasons except winter are good for this, because when u leave the house it will begin to dry...but in the winter it might get you sick.

When mixing the Leave-In with Eco Styler you will see a white substance form in your hair,
but it will go away, just DONT OVER DO IT!!!

This was the easiest way for me to do my hair without going to a salon getting finger/comb coils or purchasing all these curling products and not knowing which one was going to work for my hair.

Then as I learned about other products I became a fan of:
Jane Carters Curling Cream
Donna Marie Curls Curling Cream
Curls Milk Shake
Just to name a few....if you are in the Richmond, VA area and you just BC and needing some help be sure to reach out to me, and I may be able to meet you to assist you...but try this..its a great first step.
And check me out now!!! Not even 2 years later and my hair touches my shoulders.


  1. One of my friends referred me to your blog after I did the BC!! Thanks SO much for all of the insight, and for also helping me realize I'm not the only one who had crazy mixed emotions after I left the shop!

  2. You are definitely NOT the only one!!! I went through ALOT emotionally when I cut off all of my hair....Its in my Big Chop Blogs...I still am learning to appreciate what I have and rock it the way I like it and not what worry about what others think.

  3. Great post, i did my big chop today after 20 months-post! Yay i am excited about being natural for only a few hours! :D

  4. I needed to read this today...I've been natural for years and my hair just wouldn't grow. So I did a BT (Big Trim) and began moisturizing, conditioning and all the things I need to do using jojoba, coconut, olive and grapeseed oils. I see a difference, but I haven't had the courage to let it fro. I will try the Giovanni leave-in and eco gel with headbands and see how I like it.

  5. What do you mean by letting it fro? You mean you keep it cut low?

  6. so i just went natural a few days and its cut really low. im not really feeling it so i wanted to know if you had any idea how to grow it back faster?

  7. Grow back faster? Wash, Condi, Deep Condition, Leave-In Conditioner.....what's going on with your hair?

  8. I just did my big chop last week and I do live in the Richmond va area and I really need help do you know of any salons I can go to that can manage my naps . I just can't seem to maintain it.

  9. Yes ma'am...check out Karen Wilson 757-619-2738 She is very good and reasonably priced!! you will adore her

  10. from your profile pic, what exactly did you do to your hair to obtain that look?

  11. Which photo are you referring to?