Tynisha Dennis' Journey

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How long have you been natural?
I am a lifer, but I color fried my hair so bad that it was straight when I was in college. That was crazy.
What made you decide to go natural?
My mom would not let me get a relaxer. she got horrible chemical burns so bad that she decided that it would never touch my hair.

What did you do to transition to Natural?
When I had the color damage I had to grow it all out. I colored my hair back to its natural color, and then I just did no heat and deep conditioned like crazy until my hair was long enough. Then one day I just cut off the straight pieces because they were SOOOOO ugly and it felt so good to have my hair back.

Why did you opt out of the Big Chop?
I would never big chop because short hair doesn’t fit my face, bottom line. I don’t think that the big chop is for everyone

What did and do your friends and family think about you going natural
My family (cousins, aunts, etc) were always making slick comments about my hair not being done. I kept to myself at school so people never knew about my hair, they were just always speculating about its status. When I got a good press it was “omg she got a perm” and then I wore twists and they got confused. But everyone knew my hair was super long lol. And they were jealous. When I was a gymnast I had a judge tell me my hair wasn’t appropriate. In college a coach said that to me as well.

Did it matter to you
It actually really hurt my feelings when people told me I needed a perm and I used to cry about it a lot. I would stay up super late putting Vaseline in my hair in school to weigh it down. And my acne was awful because of all that petro oil dripping onto my skin. When I got to college I had an “eff it” attitude, so I wore my bush all the time. And then I started coloring it crazy colors. That was my revenge.

Have you ever had self esteem issues?
I’ve had horrible self esteem issues over the years. It was very hard for me to accept my hair and my body. I was very muscular b/c of gymnastics. People’s comments used to just replay in my head over and over again when I was a teenager. In college i just decided that I would do what I want. I still had self esteem issues but at least I opened up. Now that I’m older and healthy I feel like I wasted so much time worrying because my hair is fab, and ever since I got rid of my food dependency my body is fab. It always was.

A lot of women battle with needing to be light-skinned with long hair....have you ever had that issue?
Well, I have always been light skinned. I think that this statement is a fallacy. I don’t think they battle with “needing to be light skinned,” I think they battle with learning to love themselves.
As a light skinned woman I had the same issues. I wanted to be darker because I felt like I was washed out. I wanted to have a more even skin tone. I wanted to be prettier in general. I wanted a bigger ass. I wanted everything that everyone else had.
As far as my hair, its always been long. That was the only “edge” I had on the “popular” kids. I felt like if I ever cut it that would be it for me. The pressure is definitely there to look a certain way, and I definitely felt it with my hair. I felt like mine wasn’t “good” enough and I wanted it to be curlier.
All that is crazy talk. The most beautiful women are the confident ones who couldn’t care less about what people think of them. Thats what I strive to be. They have this glow about them.

Do you have any challenges in your professional environment with your natural hair?
Not really. I shut that down immediately. I am very good at styling my hair so as long as it’s out of my face I do fine. I think that keeping your hair out of your face is appropriate, no matter what your hair texture is. I try not to work for people who care about my hair. That’s the best part about being an entrepreneur. Nobody tells you what to do!

What have men said to you about your hair?
Men have said so many things. They call me original, earthy, different... They never know what to say. I don’t waste time with the ones that say I need to do something with it. Most men that approach me ask where I got all that hair... I usually wear it AS BIG AS POSSIBLE and I love the attention I get from it. That’s fine with me. I think my aura usually tells the creeps who hate kinks to stay away. I don’t usually run into them.

What's your favorite thing about being natural?
I have an old soul, and I feel like my hair shows that part of me. I’m a musician and my favorite music is from the 70s, and I really live that through my hair and outfits. I love that my hair is so easy to do. I work out a lot and I sweat like a monster. But, I look good when I work out cuz I’m not sweating out my press. I love being able to shower and get my hair wet when its hot outside, and then just letting it dry throughout the day. It keeps me cool. I also love that I am original. There’s nobody out there like me, and I think my hair is a part of that.
Least Favorite thing?My hair is VERY finicky. If I don’t have the right products with me, then we have trouble. The lack of quality in the market for Natural hair care was really discouraging to me when I got to college and I had to do my hair on my own. I am changing that with my product though. Its called Glowtanicals and my product is super moisturizing and organic and contains no fillers.

What products have you been trying out on your hair?
I was doing my own potions for awhile, trying to get it right because what I was using just wasn’t perfect. I used anything you can think of until I figured out what the best ingredients would be for my own product.

What's your Fave?
My favorite is my Glow Goo that is available on my website www.glowtanicals.com
I made this product for super dry kinky hair. It is great for styling, moisture, wash and goes, and can be used hand in hand with other products. My hair stays soft for at least 5 days, when before it dried up within 2 days. It has cut down my time spent on my hair, and it has helped with growth. I used MSM in the formula which is a sulfur that increases growth, and castor oil which stimulates the follicle. Then, I added hemp seed oil and avocado butter for optimum moisture. The Goo is what works for me and my clients who have dry tangly kinky sassy hair like me =)

Least Fave?
I abhor Dr. Miracle. The products have ingredients which are used in kitchen cleaners. So many women have lost hair and had reactions because of their products, and they have the nerve to call their line Dr. Miracle. First of all, Dr. implies healing. Miracle implies that something magical will happen to your hair. Its just sickening to me that someone out there puts that kerfluffle of carcinogens into a bottle and sells it. I’d slap the owner if I could. I will one day.

What's your hair type?
4a, fine, dry, colored, porous

How often do you deep condition your hair? What do you use?
I deep condition every time I shampoo and I clarify every time I shampoo. I like my hair to get squeaky clean and I like for it to be ultra moisturized after that. Glowtanicals has a bentonite clay conditioning treatment that cleanses deeply, softens, and moisturizes. I do that every time I wash and my curls feel soft, strong, and ready for action.

What is your weekly regimine?
I cleanse twice a week using the Glowtanicals bentonite clay treatment. I always detangle with my Aveda paddle brush. I can’t stress that enough. After that I completely dry my hair. After that I scrunch my curls using the Glow Goo. That’s it. If I want something on my scalp, I will use some Glow Ghee because it is lighter. Glowtanicals products allow for one step styling.
If I want to do a twist or braid set I will do the same thing except brush the Goo through each section, twist, and then go to sleep or sit on the dryer. I always sleep with the twists or braids in because those bad boys MUST be dry before I take them out or else I will hate it.
If I do a rollerset, I use a little bit of setting lotion with the Glow Ghee. I hate setting lotion because it has alcohol, but to get the amount of hold I want, I need some setting lotion. If I don’t want a super amount of hold, I just use water and Glow ghee to roller set and then I sit under the dryer. Then I pin curl at night to sleep.
I always sleep with a silk scarf on!!!!

 What would you say to someone considering going natural or one struggling with their natural hair?
I would tell them not to give up. Everyone’s hair is different, everyone’s needs are different. Everything will always be harder for black women, and hair care is just a part of it. This is something that we need to control ourselves. The world is always going to tell us to poison ourselves with dangerous sodium hydroxide and it is our own responsibility not to do it. Our own health is in our hands.  
Any final comments: 
I pushed my product through much of this interview. Its not because I want to make money. I just want other women to experience an honest product that actually works. Its not just about styles to me, its about health. I have applied actual science to make sure that a style can be achieved while the hair gets healthier. I hope that I actually can help someone by making my product and by counseling women on loving their natural beauty. It’s a tough journey but when you get there, it feels awesome!