Sharonda Banks' Journey

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Hey Everyone!!!! Sharonda is the beautifully brave woman that did the BC on stage at Old Dominion University at the Embracing YOUR Beauty Event.

What made you want to go natural?
-I was soo tired of the breakage and damage on my hair!  It seemed as if everytime I relaxed my hair, my hair died another death.  I also loved the natural hair styles and how healthy natural hair was. 

Who did you tell that you were considering going natural? What were their responses? Pos/Neg?
-I told all my friends, family and cow-workers!!  Some responses were positive and some were negative.  Alot didnt understand why i would want to have nappy hair!!  Someone even said that naturals needed to just go back to Africa!!  Geesh!  Ignorance!  Some family members remembered how the texture of my hair before I started relaxing and wondered why I would want to deal with it!  I think most people are just soo un-educated about what natural is!

How long did you transition?
-I transisitoned from October 2010 to May 2011. 

What were you doing to transition?
-I was struggling.  I was mainly doing braids, 2 strand twists, and pin ups.

How did you hear about the EYB event?
-My amazing cousin Jonna; fellow natural
What made you decide to BC on stage?
-I was soo fed up with my relaxed ends!  I woke up that Friday morning and called my cousin and told her that I was going to a salon when I got off of work and get it cut all off!  When she propsed I do the BC on stage, at first I was like ummmmm! Well, let me get back with you!  I know how emotional cutting hair can be!  Then I thought about it...this would be the best time! I will be surrounded by other naturals and would get support and encouragement! 

How were you feeling walking around the event before it happened?
-Crazy!! I was walking around with my hair looking crazy and people were looking at me like "what in the world! Why this girl out here and didnt do her hair!" lol!! 

When it was time for the BC how were you REALLY feeling?
-I was excited!!!  I was ready to have my hair chopped off!!
When you first heard her cut what were you thinking/feeling?
-OMG!  Am I really doing this!  I wonder how short it will be?  I wonder what my hair texture is really like?  Am I going to look like a boy? lol!

Did it make you feel weird with all those people looking at you?
-No, not at all!  To me it was support!
When they show you yourself in the mirror what were your actual thoughts?
-OMG! What did I just do! 

EYB gave you the product set by Jessicurl…tell us what you have done with that?
I havent had a chance to use Jessicurl products yet! I have turned into a product junkie!  I am currently using Sheamoisture products, and Kinky Curly. I will be using the Jessicurl soon!

What are you doing to your hair now? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
I am keeping my hair moistured!  I have been washing my hair weekly ( do a pre-poo, then wash with sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and and DC weekly!  I put coconut oil on my hair daily and Jane Carter leave in Conditioner (i love this product)!!  I have been wearing 2 strand twists or a wash n go!  I try to only touch my hair 1x week. I have recently started back working out so, now I am washing my hair 2 times a week.

Do you have a regular stylist now?
-No, i do not! I prefer to style my own hair so that I can learn my hair!

What were the reactions of your friends and family after they saw your BC?
They really liked it!!! 

Do you feel like you are gaining more confidence as a result of going natural?
Yes!  I love my nappy hair!!!  I feel like a new women!! 

Have you ever dealth with self-esteem issues before?
When I was younger, I didnt like my hair or my skin tone!!  As I grew older, I totally embraced my skin tone but I didnt embrace my hair texture until recently!

What would be your advice to someone thinking about going natural?
I think it would be the best decision for you and your hair!  It is def an emotional journey!  You will have good hair days and horrible hair days during the transition.  I would recommend doing the BC as soon as possible if possible.  I encourage women to embrace their roots!!

Any last comments….
-This has been an amazing hair journey!  This is the best decision I have ever made!