Mini Twists with Ur Pure Beauty Styling Cream

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Earlier this week I put Mini Twists in my hair with no products and have been wearing them for a few days.
Last night I decided to see what my hair would look like if I untwisted each strand, spritz and applied
UR Pure Beauty's Styling Cream!!! WELP!!!! GLORAYYY! I told you all before that it smells amazing, the feel/look of the product reminds me of Shea Moistures Curl Smoothie but smells 45x's better.
(Shea Moisture smells good time...but I'm just saying....)
It took me about two hours to undo and retwist but the results are amazing!!
This time as I twisted each strand I put one Bob Pin at the roots of my hair to hold it down, since the product, is a styling product and not a holding gel.
Check Out the Before and After

I will probably take the twist apart Sunday morning for I can rock this style for a few days!
If you haven't purchased their products, or never even HEARD of them....BREAKING NEWS..
GET AT THEM!!! LOL (That's me pretending to talk with Slang).
So what I am really saying is visit their website via.
And be sure to let them know Keenya Kelly sent  ya!!!

Until next time...Keep that lip gloss poppin