Dining out for Less

2:19 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Ladies Ladies Ladies!!
So clearly I have been raving about saving money, but still enjoying great things....
It's time to really put you all  up on game with Ebates.This is a website where you can buy products/services and receive Cash Back just from purchasing them online and you get whatever you purchased at a discounted price.
So what have we used...RESTAURANTS!!!!
Once you set up an account on Ebates in the upper right hand corner type in Restaurants...Ebates will show you the current specials. You then type in whatever zip code you are looking for restaurants in and begin looking for great places to dine. The specials this week are $25 Gift Certificates for $3!!!! Yes I said it $3.
Friday night we had date night and visit The Mill at Mac Arthur in Richmond, VA.
This is a restaurant I had never heard of, but we want to try new things all the time at a minimal fee.
The experience was awesome and we ate some pretty decent food.
We had Gilled Garlic Baked Chicken Wings as an appetizer
I had a House Salad with Ranch Dressing and Chicken Parmesean that would feed 2 people maybe a small child. Rashaad had the Northside Club Sandwich with French Fries and Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream for Desert. The Certificate says you must spend $35 and then tip. We tipped her $10 and we spent the extra $10. So total we paid $13 but saved but ate a meal worth $35. Normally we would have had to pay that extra $25 but we didnt because of Ebates.

So if you are interested in trying new restaurants and saving at least $22 doing it...click the link in the upper right hand corner and start saving.
Next Week we are headed to Louisville, KY and I already have 3 Gift Certificates Printed out.