Brenesha's Journey

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How Long Have you been Natural?
*I have been natural for 6 months.
What made you decide to go natural?
*After the birth of my daughter, my hair and scalp became extremelry sensitive.  The relaxer thinned it out and left painful scabs on my scalp.  I was tired of the torture.  I didn't immediately stop using relaxers though.  I relaxed 2 more times. February 10, 2010 was my last relaxer and I Big Chopped January 18th of 2011.
What did you do to transition to Natural?
*I transitioned for 11 months.  The first products I used was Suave Shea Butter and Almond line for the first 4 months.  I then switched to the Organix line because of the Sulfates that were in the Suave line.  By month 9 I switched again to Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus line. 
As far as styling, I had a friend cornrow my hair for about 6 months straight and then I did the twist and curl and braid and curl styles for the last 5.  I also did buns and flat twist and roller sets.
I trimmed about an inch or 2 every month until I did my last Chop in January.
What did and do your family think about you going natural?
*My husband encouraged me to stop relaxing.  After I did my final Chop, he told me he secretly thought I wasn't going to go through with going natural because I was addicted to the Silky Dominican Blowout.  My mom was very encouraging.  She would tell me how creative I was with my hair.  She at one point began transitioning but said it was too much work, and continued to relax.  I got occassional questions from my younger cousins as to why I wanted natural hair.  My best friends are supportive but still have questions to why I went natural and if I am going to stick with it.  Ofcourse siblings always have something smart to say.  My brother cracked jokes about my hair being NAPPY but I always had a come back for him...LOL!!!!!
Did it matter to you?
*The only opinion that mattered was my husband's.  When He met me, I always wore my hair straight, long, and bouncy.  I was on pins and needles when I talked told him I wanted to go natural.  He was like "'s your hair, just don't cut it all off."  That is why I chose to transition.  Others opinions did not matter to me at all. 
Have you ever had self esteem issues?
*Yes, yes, and YES!!!!!  For the most part of my life, I struggled with my weight.  I was always heavy and thought I would be all my life.  It wasn't until I was 19 that a light bulb went off and said you need to workout.  It was nobody but God.  I worked out for like 20 minutes a day at first.  I saw the weight coming off and I kept going.  In one year I lost between 125-130 pounds.  I don't know the exact weight because I never weighed myself when I started working out.  I was wearing a size 28 and got down to a size 8.  Now that I had my daughter, I am back at it to lose again.  I need to lose 25 pounds. 
I say to anyone who is struggling with weight to take one day at a time.  Set small goals.  Once you hit that goal, make another, until you reach your ultimate goal.  Throughout my weight loss, I seriously began to love myself.  Not because I was getting smaller but because I finally accomplished a goal that I set for myself and that I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw.  It has truly been a life changing experience. 
It seemed as if I was a different person.  The old me was mean, hateful, and Blah.  I was very unhappy and I do believe I made others feel that way.  I began to work on my attitude and established a relationship with God.  It is so awesome how much change can occur once you make God the head of your life.
Do you have any challenges in your professional environment with your natural hair?
*I have never had any challenges at work.  My office is filled with so many diverse people of different races, religions, and cultures.  I fit right on in!
What have men said to you about your natural hair?
*I have had nothing but great responses from men.  I had one man hunt me down in the store from the parking lot because he wanted to know how I got my hair like "This."  He wanted his wife's hair the same way...LOL.  Another time a man was staring at my hair in the DMV.  I thought he was gonna make a rude comment but he told me he has been looking at my hair since he sat down and he loves women with natural hair.  The compliments are not just from black men but from men of other races.  I think it is awesome that not every man views long straight bouncy hair as gorgeous. 
The best of all is from the love of my life, MY Husband.  He tells me everyday how he loves my hair.  I have inspired him to get dreads because he likes the way my 2 strand twists look when I wear my protective styles.
What's your favorite thing about being natural? 
*I love the fact that my hair is so versatile.  I can wear it curly, twisted, in a puff, blown out, braided, straight, and so much more.  I love that I am not limited to just one look.
Least favorite?
*The styling process takes forever if I want a particular style?
What products have you been trying out on your hair?
*I have been using UrPure Beauty by Susie Carrington located in Chesapeake, VA.  I am loving the twist butter and the Doctor's Orders Hydrating Spray.
My staple Products are the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Giovanni Deeper Moisture line.
What's your Fave?
*I love the Deeper Moisture Conditioner.  My hair feels so smooth and hydrated.
What's Your Least Fave?
*I love the Curl Enhancing Smoothie but if I use too much of it, it dries white and that wrecks my nerves when that happens.
How often do you deep condition your hair?  What do you use?
*I must confess.....I don't deep condition like I should.  When I do, I use the deeper moisture conditioner and mix with oils.
What is your hair type?
I believe it's a mix between 4a/4b but mostly 4b.  My hair is looser in the back and sides and tighter in the crown and front.
I am not caught up on hair type though.  As long as I know what my hair likes, I am fine.
What is your weekly regimen?
I wash and condition with The Deeper Moisture line, moisturize with the Curl enhancing smoothie, seal with coconut or olive oil.  I keep my products simple.  As far as styling, I protective style throughout the week and wear my hair out on the weekend.  I usually do twists and pin my hair up in different styles.  If I get lazy, I will just wear a puff and keep it moist throughout the day.  I have not worn my hair out since the beginning of May.  This summer heat is serious.
What would you say to someone considering going natural or struggling with their hair? 
This is a journey full of ups and downs.  One day you may love your hair one day you may dislike it.  The end result is priceless!!!!!!!  To those considering, take the time to research.  There are so many natural support boards and a great amount of info on the web to help you on your way.  To those struggling, I struggle with my hair at times.  This is when I gotta shake myself and realize why I went natural.  I don't want to go through anymore torture with chemicals.  I turn to my support groups on Facebook and Youtube to get a boost and go back at it.  I made a commitment to myself never to relax again and I'm sticking to it.
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