Wash and Go

7:43 AM Keenya Kelly 1 Comments

My first Wash and Go w/o a Head Band!! So I came clean last week about how in almost 2 years of being natural I hadn't wore my hair in a Wash and Go without a headband, but decided I would do it this weekend. 
So this time I Shampooed my hair, Conditioned it..washed everything out, applied my normal Jojoba oil to seal in the moisture and then Shea Moisture Curling Smoothie throughout my hair.
One thing that I did differently that I normally don't do, I took some time distributing the products throughout my hair, paying attention to my roots and ends. My curls popped more than ever before. I then put 3 Bobby Pins to the right side of my hair, and then a cute flower, that a young lady from church made for me. And that was that....It turned out really well. I went out shopping, no one said anything, but I noticed a lot of women watching and staring at my hair...I simply just loved it. 
So ladies...get yourself a few accessories and rock on!!! I'm a work in progress

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  1. I love love love the wash and go. I was at the Norfolk event and saw so many beautiful ladies with natural hair I decided to take the plunge. Then I was transitioning using the rod set or bantu knot as my way of not letting go of my hair. I have now been 9 months without a relaxer and I will NEVER go back to the creamy crack. 2 months ago I cut off the last bit of relaxer and now wash and go is how I live.

    Being natural has saved me so much time. I now have time to look for ornaments to display in my curls instead of being hours and hours in the salon. I appreciate what God has given me and I am able to teach my 2 yr old little momma how to love and appreciate her long thick coils. Thanks EYB !!!
    - Carla