Ur Pure Beauty Clarifying Shampoo Review

10:21 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

This Morning I Shampooed my hair with Ur Pure Beauty Clarifying Shampoo.
As I shook the bottle the shampoo appeared very watery, so I was concerned how effective it would be and how much of it I would have to use to wash my hair.
Ladies and Gentlemen I was SHOCKED!! I poured a little into my hands and began to massage it through my wet hair...my hair lathered extremely fast.
Typically, when I was my hair I have to pour shampoo on maybe twice to wash all of my curls, but this product worked amazing wonders with a very small amount.
I decided to wash my hair twice, due to using multiple products in one week.

I then placed the conditioner on, and finished my shower.

After rinsing and towel drying I noticed that again I didn't experience as much shrinkage as I do with all of my other products; which is awesome.
I will let you all know the difference between this company and others, as to why less shrinkage occurs.

So with that, again I am pleased with another one of these products.
I also sealed the moisture in with the Safflower Scalp Oil!!!

If you are looking for an amazing 100% Natural Product...this is definitely the one for you.