Two Strand Twist w/ Rods

7:36 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

So, as you all know I am on a quest to try 30 new styles in celebration of m 30th birthday, 
so I decided to attempt Two Strand Twist w/ Rods.
I watched a few videos and bought all of the products I was told to purchase:
Nourishing Spa Conditioner to Co-Wash, Direct Leave-In By Giovanni for a Leave In Conditioner, 
Spray Bottle with Jojoba Oil, Rosemary and Lavendar, Perm Rods. and a Denman Brush.
Here was my process:
I washed Co-Washed my hair as I had already shampooed my hair earlier this week
Applied my Leave In Conditioner 
Added my Concoction of Oils (Jojoba, Rosemary & Lavendar)
I detangled my hair with another new product
The Denman Brush - And I must say I really love this brush. I used the Tangle Teezer this weekend as well, but the Denman Brush is awesome. I combed my hair the same way I normally do when detangling, from end to root...It worked VERY well!! But that's another posting.
I sectioned my hair and applied
I was told I needed some setting lotion, so this is what I chose.
After applying I did a two strand twist and put perm rods at the end.
In the video I noticed that the ladies sat under the dryer for a little while and then went to sleep, but I decided to just go to sleep and would take the rollers out in the morning once I woke. 
WELL....Results were NOT PRETTY!! The only curls that were dry were a few smaller ones in the back and two in the front. I must say that the ones that were dry turned out great...but the rest of my hair wasn't so favorable. No results pic to post, as it was just that bad...I'll do a redo soon.