Two Strand Twist w/ Eco-Styler

9:58 AM Keenya Kelly 5 Comments

Good Morning Ladies!!! Over the weekend I decided to venture out and try a Two Strand Twist using
Eco-Styler. As I told you all before, I am new to styling, but I am determined to try new I asked a few ladies what should i do.

Step 1: Shampoo or Co-Wash Your Hair
Step 2: Spray your normal sealing oil throughout your hair. - Mine is Jojoba Oil when I have it.
Step 3: Apply your Leave-In Conditioner Throughout Your hair.
Step 4: Section your hair and use clips to hold the hair in place
Step 5: While your hair is wet due to washing, and Leave-In Cond distribute Eco-Styler thoughout the section of hair. I took only the small amount that I was prepared to twist, applied the Eco-Styler and brushed my hair with my Denman Brush, then began to twist.
Step 6: You can wear your hair in that style or sit under the dryer, or like I did, I tied my hair up in my silk scarf and put on my Satin Bonnet and went to sleep.
Unfortunately my camera doesn't allow you to see just HOW defined my curls are...but hair has NEVER been this curly with a twist out. My curls are popping all of the place. My man sat down at church on Sunday and he immediately said "I Like Your Hair" and he made references to my hair at least 3 other times within just a few hours. I LOVE ECO STYLER Twist Outs!!! I had no idea. I thought my hair was going to be hard, since typically it is when you put it on your hair, but due to using the leave in conditioner before it assisted with the process. My hair is also, Soft to Touch and my 2nd Day hair looks even better!!!
Try this Style won't be sorry!!!!


  1. Nice Keenya! I ran out of my Ecostyler Olive Oil and went and bought 2 of the huge tubs (they can't keep them on the shelves here so I have to buy in Its about $3.52 after tax at Sally's right now (4.99 originally). Go get you some ladies!!!!

    Joi S.

  2. Your twist out is Beautiful! I've been wanting to try EcoStyler on a twist out! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Praise God Es_Curls!!! I didn't know WHERE to begin with Eco-Styler so I asked a few people and BOOM!!! LOVE MY HAIR!!! It really did define the curls and it wasn't hard.

  4. I was wondering about this product for twisting. Thanks for sharing this information. I will definitely use product.