Tangle Teezer

7:15 AM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

 My Tangle Teezer

I know you all have been hearing about the infamous Tangle Teezer. I went to Sally's to purchase a few items when I ran into the Tangle Teezer, the price was just $9.99 so I decided I would purchase one and try it out. 
I washed my hair like normal and applied my Leave - In Conditioner. 
One thing I learned the hard was is that its NOT wise to try and de-tangle your hair unless its wet and that you have a detangling Conditioner in your hair. I tried to comb my hair once while it was dry and it was a "beautiful disaster." (Shout out to that old skool Shakira song LOL)
I must say using this product was a pretty good experience. I sectioned my hair into 6 sections and took small parts of hair and began to detangle my hair. DONT start at the root, begin at the ends of your hair and then work your way to the top. 
The process only took about 15 minutes, and I didn't lose a lot of hair either.
So I definitely recommend that you all purchase one of these. The only bad thing I found about using this product was having you palm it while trying to detangle my hair. Since my hair was wet that caused my hands to be wet, and I wiped my hands off quite a few times so that I could continue the process. I personally would have preferred that the teezer had a better handle...but I give it a 9. It worked very well and I didnt cry or scream like the little girl on "The Color Purple."
Get yourself one ladies