Such a learning experience!

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Today's Hair Style is a PUFF!!!
So here is my latest confessions (Usher's old skool song playing in my head), I have never really worn my hair out after just washing my hair. I never really knew what to do with it, once I washed it if I wasn't styling it in twists...until today.
We are working on our website for our Embracing YOUR Beauty business, so we asked some of our fans to submit photos to possibly to published on the site...well one Chica posted pics of her Wash n Go.
And then my AHA moment happened!! DUH!! I CAN DO THAT TOO! I have all kinds of flowers, pins and bows at home...why haven't I been trying new things. I think the truth is, I am still fairly comfortable with being conservative. I've been watching alot of youtubers and the biggest thing that has stuck out to me about them have been their eye shadow and earrings.
I've always been the business woman, who wore suits and just got it done...but I've never been very adventurous when it comes to trying new things with make-up, clothing and accessories. Lately, God has been assisting me when I go shopping to help me layer my clothes and get really cute pieces and put them together, so I guess now is my time to branch out even more.
So although this is me today....tomorrow I will venture out and do something different with my
Wash - N - Go and I'm going to test out Perm Rods Saturday night!!
Pray Saints....PRAY!!! LOL

Oh yeah...I might be getting a new nail polish color too....Owwwwwwwww