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So this was me Monday morning after I box braided my hair using Kera Care Custard!!!
Thanks everyone for all the compliments.
This was me Tuesday night.
My hair was still very soft, and the individual curls were very defined...but I lost the big wavy pattern that I like, due to the humidity outside and not retwisting at night.
So I jumped online and polled the audience for help, I thought every time I twisted my hair with a product that I needed to re-wash my hair in order to re-twist, but I learned that that is not the with that last night I decided to re-twist my hair using Donna Marie's Curling Cream.
All I did was grab parts of my hair, spritz it with water and apply the cream.

It gave me the wavy pattern...but due to not sitting under the dryer it was still rather wet this morning.
So I untwisted my hair, and let the rest of it air dry...and instead of leaving it like you saw in the first picture...I untwisted my hair to have the BIG HAIR look.
Next time I am going to sit under the dryer for sure..but I like the big hair look I have going on.