Re-Twisting with Ur Pure Beauty & Eco-Styler

12:56 PM Keenya Kelly 0 Comments

Try our "Aqua Free" twist out butter; formulated to reduce shrinkage and also does double duty as a pomade. Key Ingredients. Shea Butter, Coco Butter, Coconut Oil ,Safflower Oil. Unscented and Chocolate Orange Available. Paraben Free!8 oz.
Last night I decided to try another product concoction on my hair, but without washing my hair from the other day. I decided to try a Dry Twist Out with Ur Pure Beauty Loc & Twist Butter and Eco Styler.
I was hopeful, because I knew I'd get a good hold and I loved the Styling Cream so I figured I'd try this product.
 As I untwisted my hair, I noticed my hair was a little hard in certain places and the Gel did was it does!!! I was hoping the twists would turn out like they did when I used Conditioner with it, but it didnt. While my hair has the wave pattern, I don't like how it feels. Its also frizzing alreadt and isn't going to last.
However the Loc and Twist Butter is a great product. As I was applying it to my hair I loved them smell, it has a slick feel to it like oil, but it wasn't GREASY.
This product reminds me of Jane Carter Nourish and Shine product A Lot...which is a magnificent thing.
I may try this again on a Twist out without Gel once the heat subsides in RVA!!!

I believe this is a result of me not using these products on freshly washed hair and for mixing the butter with Eco...won't try that again!!
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