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 Ur Pure Beauty Cleaning Conditioner
"Hydrating" Cleansing Conditioner. Nourishing "Non-Lathering" Product Remover. Key Ingredients: Distilled
Water, Glycerin,& Essential Oils Blend of Cucumber and Eucalyptus.Paraben Free! 8 oz. 
 Keratin and Silk Protein Reconstructor
Reconstruct your hair with our dynamic duo. This intense deep penetrating hair repair mask is just what the doctor ordered. Key ingredients: Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Keratin Amino Acids & Silk Proteins. Unscented and Honey Suckle Fragrance Available.Paraben Free! 4 oz.  

Rehydrating Styling Cream
 Rehydrate and Revive next day hair without shrinkage. Our luxurious styling créme has been formulated to detangle, and restore softness to dry hair. Key Ingredients: Distilled Water, Shea Butter, Safflower Oil, Silk Proteins. Unscented and Lemongrass Available. Paraben Free! 8 oz.
 Curl & Wave Defining Gel
Key Ingredients: Distilled Water, A Natural Botanical Glycerin, Safflower Oil and Fragrance. 
No Mineral Oil, Petroleum or Parabens 100% Natural

I Co-washed my hair with the Conditioner as I had already Shampooed for the week. 
The product was very creamy, white with not a very strong fragrance. Personally, I like Fragrances as they make my hair smell amazing, however in the summer months its not the best idea for me, as I tend to attract bees, and other flyer saucers, so the light light fragrance works. I noticed that my curls were beginning to  form and I noticed that even with the conditioner that I was able to run my fingers through my hair slightly without a lot of resistance. 

After washing I applied the Re-Constructor as a Deep Conditioner. Placed a plastic cap and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes. This product smelled AMAZING!! With the first small amount that I applied on my hair, I knew it was a product for me. I enjoy a flowery smell and this product provided just that and more! I applied it throughout my hair, and of course noticed my curls defining a lot more. 
After removing my curls, I of course noticed the softness of my hair, but the major thing I noticed was less shrinkage. Shrinkage doesn't really bother me one way or the other...but it was really neat to see that I didn't experience that with this product. 

I decided to opt out of my normal Leave - In conditioner and continue on with the products. 
Due to the humidity outside with how amazingly  hot it is, I decided to use a Twisting Cream with their Gel. With my hair and the humidity the cream do it no justice without some type of holding product. So I sectioned my hair, applied the Rehydrating Styling Cream and their Curl &  Wave Defining Gel. I must say the cream smelled AMAZING, as in I kept smelling my hands over and over. The gel is a clear gel, and you could tell that the product was 100% natural as you couldn't smell, alcohol, my hands weren't sticky and as applied to my hair it didn't  cause my hair to get hard immediately as other products have. I put my hair in about 15 box braids and sat under the dryer for about an hour. Normally, I would have slept in them over night...but sistah girl has plans today!! LOL

As I began to unbraid my hair, I noticed that it was still rather wet, but I figured with the heat outside that it would take care of that. My hair look VERY different than it normally does out of Twists, the braids were elongated, great shine and moisture w/o the excess greasy feeling.

I was concerned that the gel wasn't providing as great of a hold as Eco-Styler does, but it did cause curls to be significantly defined. When I walked in my Man's house the first thing he noticed was my hair. I had on a beautiful dress, but he only noticed my hair. He said my hair was less fluffy, hair seemed longer and caused more attention to my face but by him touching it let me know that it also made people want to feel it to see how it felt.

I am going to have to do this again and let it dry over night to get the full effect, but it turned out great.
By the end of the day, my hair had lost quite a few waves, but my individuals curls were still defined.
I like to wear the wavy look for a few days, so I retwisted it that night with no extra products.
Next day it looked great as well and was actually fluffy as one person said.

The other not so great thing that I noticed is that since I didn't use a Leave-In conditioner my scalp itches a little. I usally never scratch my scalp anymore, but I also normally use a Leave-In Conditioner, so next time I am going to use my leave-in as well.

So in my opinion I would definitely recommend these products.
They smell amazing, define my curls, reduce shrinkage and its an all in one system.
These products will be used all month until they are gone and will be re-purchased!!
Thumbs  up to Ur Pure Beauty