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So this has been an interesting week thus far. For the past couple of months I have had this burning desire to get closer to God than ever before. I don't mean close to God as in him blessing me with a lot of material things, I mean that feeling of peace, comfort, love, joy; the feeling that no one or nothing on earth can provide you with. 
I know some of you may not be use to God in that way, but he is so real!! So real!! About a year ago God began to introduce himself to me, as I finally opened myself up to him. I'll never forget it. I was in my conference room at work, (I pray during my lunch) and I remember putting my head down crying, 
asking God if he REALLY loved me. I mean I love my family and friends but they have never loved me or been able to love me in the ways that I needed to be loved. I asked God to PLEASE show me that he loved me...I finished crying and went back to work. That night I had rehearsal at church for the Ensemble I sing with....yes Keenya Kelly can sing a little bit. The lead singer began to sing Capacity by Jonathan Nelson. Everytime we would get to the part where we sang "Breathe, Breathe on me" I felt something. I didn't know what it was...but at some point in the song I completely lost all control. The presence of God  CONSUMED me...It was God saying Yes Keenya I Love You...and let me let you FEEL it. I cried hysterically for a few moments and then realized..whoa...God does love me....from there God and I began a deeper relationship...but over a period of time I drifted a part from him. Got busy with Life, Business, New Relationship, Making Friends and just didn't stay focused on the one that I needed to stay focused on. 
So this past Saturday riding in the car I came in contact with Shekinah Glory "Before the Throne." I was just riding along when all of a sudden that feeling came over me again...except this time I didn't lose all control. I just laid back in my seat, eyes closed and began to pray in the spirit. It was an amazing feeling to feel the peace of today instead of praying in the conference room, I decided to go to my car and listen. 
All I could do was cry! I don't totally understand what the songs lyrics were referring to, I'll understand as I grow...but I just felt such peace, confidence in God, reassurance that everything was going to be ok!!! That if I just allow him to Take the Wheel in every situation that my life would be a lot less stressful!!
So I wanted to Bless You all with the song!!! Turn the TV off, go in a quiet room, turn the sound up and just lay on the floor and listen. Don't try to understand it all, just let the peace of God overtake you!! 
Allow God to love you only as he can...its an amazing feeling.